Trunk or Treat Car Ideas

Here are some ideas for those of you who are participating in our trunk or treat! Remember there are plenty of other ways you can get involved with our Fall Fest other than in this manner! So let's put our volunteer capes on and get ready to have some fun with our community! 50s sock hop (260x199).jpg
 sock hop car- poodle skirts, records, some of the easiest costumes and decorations to find angry birds (260x155).jpg
Angry Birds- if you are not sure what angry birds are ask some kids around you- just grab some old boxes and some print out some pictures off the internet armor of God (194x260).jpg
God's Armor Supply Shop- lots of cardboard will be needed but every boy that comes by (and some girls) will love this one candy store (221x260).jpg
Candy Shop-rather fitting- if you have any of those lollipop from Christmas you could use them carnival (260x171) (2).jpg
Carnival- Oriental trading gives you the supplies and the how-to's for this one on their website construction workers (260x173).jpg
Construction Theme- toss on some jeans, a hard hat, and an orange vest add some tools, cones and signs and you have got a theme david and goliath (172x260).jpg 
David and Goliath- If you are tall you are going to seem like a giant to most of the kids you can add height if you want and work your decorations so that you can stand on a chair without the kids seeing the chair. duck dynasty (260x163).jpg
Duck Dynasty- We all have a little camo in our closet add fake beard and you are well on yo ur way to having this car- for added fun add a four wheeler- firey furnace (172x260).jpg
Fiery Furnace- throw some orange yellow and red tissue paper around your trunk and put a person or three around gilligans island (260x199).jpg
Gilligan's Island or Simply Island Theme- Note the boat is not necessary but it would be a fun addition- if you are using a boat you need to get to the church EARLY so that we can get it parked before all the fun starts- Add some Hawaiian themed decor and the journey has begun Jaws (100x100).jpg
Jaws- you will need a blue car- add some poster board teeth and there you go jonah and the whale (260x174).jpg
Jonah and the Whale- once again you will need a blue car and some poster board teeth- I like the tale and fins that they added mouth (198x260).jpg
Mouth- Tongue and teeth that is all you have to make- You might dress up as a dentist for this car and hand out toothbrushes although if you hand out toothbrushes the kids may not like your car that much pryamid (173x260).jpg
Egyptian- This car is not for the faint of heart but you could dress up like Joseph or Moses for this one toaster (100x100).jpg
Toaster- I know it is small and requires a specific car but it is to cute to not give you as an idea toy story (195x260).jpg
Toy Story- This is made to look like Andy's bed off of toy story- Great idea of you have a lot of toy's laying around! under the sea (260x195).jpg
Under the Sea- this is another easy one- get some blue shimmery curtin from any party area add some paper fish treasure box and you are set- costume idea would be a swim suit if it is not too cold or scuba gear wizard of oz (260x195).jpg wizard of oz 2 (195x260).jpg 
Wizzard of oz- You can choose how big to go here- These costumes are also easy to find or make

Oven Car: Decorate your hatch back car so that it looks like an oven and dress up like a baker
Bee Hive: Use yellow plastic tablecloths from the dollar store and black yarn to create this giant hive.
Black Cat: you need a black car for this one (or you could have a white cat) use foam pipe insulation tubes and cardboard. 
Bathtub- grab some rubber duckes a bubble machine a shower curtin some tuell and a bathrobe and maybe a towel
Charlotte's Web: need hay bales a stuffed pig, rat and spider and maybe a fence.  remember to spell something out in web
Clifford Truck: Need red paper pink paper and white paint
Cookie Monser: Use blue tarps or blue table cloths to cover the car trunk etc.  Use carboard to make eyes and cookies
Owl Car:  For those with an artistic flair and lots of carboard and time you can make an owl
Red Riding Hood: Put out a picnic table cloth and trees than dress up as red riding hood and have your partner dress up as a wolf or as granny
Train:  Need large red circles, and black paper- maybe even dress up in overalls and a conductors hat to complete the look
Mario Car:  Make some quick mushrooms, brick walls and pipes- Costumes for this are easy to find- you might even find a friend that has a Mario or Luigi costume

Up Car:  For those who are a fan of the movie up here is a car.  You could be young Carl and Ellie or old Carl I am ok if you want to bring your dog as doug! (your dog must get along around crowds and have all its shots however!)
Alice and Wonderland Car:  This calls for a little artistic ability to draw Alice but after that all you need is black plastic and some books and tea cups to hang from your trunk. .  A costume idea for this would be the mad hatter or the rabbit!
Angry Birds: All that is needed is boxes baloon pigs and an angry bird or angry bird costume
Banana Split  Car: You need two friends to help you with this one.  put down a white sheet. make a cardboard banana.  Then one person wears a brown shirt with a red hat, another person wears a pink shirt with a brown felt collar (as shown) with a red hat, and the final person wears a white shirt with a brown collar with red hat! HOW CUTE!
Bat Cave: The car is the easy part of this as it is a car covered in black plastic trashbags and a sign.  Must have someone wearing a bat man costume however outside it or it loses its appeal